论文感谢信英语 毕业论文感谢信英文


Thanks to my tutor professor XXX, he wrote to a doctor of letters) are careful meticulous, conscientious and meticulous style has always been my work and study of the model; They described the teach and outside-the-box thinking gives me endless inspiration.

Thank my small white teacher, this paper details and each data of each experiment, cannot leave your careful guidance. And you, cheerful personality and tolerant attitude, help me to quickly into our new laboratory

Thank my roommates, from distant home came to this strange city, is you and I jointly maintain the brotherly feelings between each other, sustained by the family harmonious dormitory. For four years, as if just yesterday. University graduation thesis thank-you note thank-you notes. Four years, we have no red face, no oral fight, not happen ago college to worry about any unhappy things. Only in the future we rarely get together for a year again yuan hajek said meal, it doesn&39;t matter, go their own way, you take good care. I wish to U.S. C in peace, left-behind fudan D, E&F happy, diversionary measure G the smooth, also want to leave our bedroom H&I open happy heart. The time we share together, I&39;ll remember for a lifetime.

Thanks to my mom and dad, how much breakwater grass, tree back, gratefulness, repay you, you always healthy and happy is my biggest wish.

In the paper the completed, my heart can&39;t calm, from began to enter the subject thesis is completed, how many respectable teachers, students, friends gave me speechless help, here please accept my sincere thanks!

感谢我的导师XXX 教授,他(写给医生的感谢信)们严谨细致、一丝不苟的作风一直是我工作、学习中的榜样;他们循循善诱的教导和不拘一格的思路给予我无尽的启迪。






Three years of study life is coming to an end, reviews three years of study life, feeling is quite deep, rich harvest. In the process of thesis writing, there are lots of difficulties in both theoretical study stage, or in a paper topic selection, data check four polling, opening, research and write every link, all get mentor&39;s guidance and help. Avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you for me to tutor! At the same time, I want to thank the teachers of vocational and technical college teaching of shaanxi, it is because of their mission, knowledge, solutions, let I learned the professional knowledge, and learn from them how to research knowledge, people skills.

At the same time I also want to thank my classmates give me help, they write papers for me to provide a lot of advice and help. I want to thank, thank you very much my mentor Han Ying teacher. He is easy-going enthusiasm, scholarly carefully. He is always in the chat can encourage you, like a bosom friend in paper writing and rhetoric aspects of her to "professional standard" are always strict with you, from the choice and will start, until the last of the paper again and again modification, polishing, Korea is serious and responsible teacher always gives me deep and detailed guidance, help me to explore the research train of thought, intellectualize, warmly encouraged.

It is Korea&39;s teacher selfless help and warmly encourage, to be able to complete my graduation thesis, thank you Korean teacher! Would also like to thank three years of university life, thank my family and friends who will never forget, they support and emotional, is my eternal wealth.





First I want to thank my tutor, professor.

Teacher knowledge, open-minded, always grasp the forefront of knowledge, under the guidance of him, I know the xx theory, greatly broadened my view of the academic, also has laid a theoretical basis for this paper. In thesis writing is to give the direction and the direction of constructive opinions and Suggestions.

In addition to giving guidance on learning, life also gave me unselfish help and advice, especially during my help let me very moved.

Teacher wang yongxiu, rigorous and meticulous work style, earnest, diligent, and tolerance of attitude towards life will always inspire me work in the future continue to work hard, go forward in life.














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